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The Radiation Cystitis Foundation focuses on raising awareness, promoting scientific advancement, and advocating on behalf of RC patients nationally. This group is a volunteer-run organization with a focus on radiation cystitis. We are currently a small organization limited resources. The Radiation Cystitis's current priority is to support - via small grants and donations - organizations that address Radiation Cystitis and similar unmet needs in urology. Historically we have provided funding support to public charities which support urology patients.


The Radiation Cystitis Foundation is one of two parts of the Bladder Health Foundation, which is a private foundation focused on unmet needs in urology. The Bladder Health Foundation also includes the Underactive Bladder Foundation.  For additional information please see our Guidestar entry.



The Bladder Health Foundation is a nonprofit organization. If you would like to consider supporting our mission you are welcome to email us for more information. Our interests are twofold: first to support the development of new treatment and prevention options, and second to advocate for RC awareness.

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Please use the following contact form to share your story or contact the Radiation Cystitis Foundation. Unfortunately, we sincerly apologize that we are unable to recommend healthcare providers or provide direct funding to patients at this time. Additionally, please refer any medical questions to your healthcare provider as we are unable to provide direct medical advice.


Upon request via the contact form, we are happy to provide copies of our application for exemption and/or the three most recent annual information returns. We invite public charities doing public benefit work in urology to contact us via the contact form if you would like to discuss potential funding requests.

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Disclaimer: The material provided in this website is for informational purposes only. This is not medical advice or instruction.  Any information that you may consider on this website should be discussed with your physician. 

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