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Sharing a Hemorrhagic Cystitis Literature Review Paper

I wanted to share a review paper on Hemorrhagic Cystitis that I came across recently. The title of the publication is "Hemorrhagic cystitis: a review of the literature and treatment options", and I have a link to the article here. The article was published in October 2022 by the Canadian Journal of Urology. Sharing this because I found it to be a comprehensive source on the subject, end-to-end. As a review article, it consolidates research from multiple sources into one place. This includes a summary on the most common care options as well as disease course. While the publication is written for a healthcare provider audience, I find it accessible enough for most people interested in Hemorrhagic Cystitis.

Please keep in mind when reading about care options in articles like this one - it is possible that more recent research may have disputed or supported anything you read. It is always good to conduct follow-up research and to discuss any option with your healthcare provider.

I found this paper using, which is the National Institute of Health's library of academic papers. As a reminder, use of Pubmed is free and easy, just search for a disease and filter by date/journal/topic. Its the fastest way to gain access to all the latest research on a topic for most people. Many of the articles published are "abstract only" meaning you have to pay for the full article - the good news is there are many articles that are free and you can filter by these in the Pubmed search menu.

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